Electronic Components

Hsin Chang adheres to the business philosophy of high quality, delivery and coordination, and provides customers with high-quality trivalent chromium plating services for electronic parts. We can also cooperate with customers to develop and provide electronic parts OEM services. For more information on trivalent chromium plating Please contact us for details.

Service Item :

PDA products、 Various types of cell phones、 Digital cameras、 Other 3C products with chromium electroplate

Clients :

Kodak, Canon, Deel, Green Point Enterprises Co., LTD, E-LEAD electronic Co., LTD., Skanhex Technology Inc , Sysgration Ltd.
Advantages of trivalent chromium plating
1. Has excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance
2. Less harmful substances produced in the process than hexavalent chromium
3. Wastewater can be directly neutralized and precipitated, reducing environmental pollution